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valentines' day

A Cat Valentine

Shiro and friends send a perfectly posed Valentine until Kuro comes along and moves Chibi Bang’s little stuffed heart Read more

Purrfect Valentine's Day gotcha day for Cupid the rescued cat

When Cupid was rescued on Feb. 14, 2014, a vet said the kitten would probably not live for a year. His is doing great and will celebrate his 1st Gotcha Day on Valentine’s Day. Read more

Butterflies - Simon's Cat (A Valentine's Special!)

A lovestruck cat has a bad case of the butterflies in this Valentine’s Day Special video from Simon’s Cat. Read more

How Cats Say "I Love You"

Cats say “I Love you” to their humans all the time. Learn how kitties show their affection with the help of furry cat video stars Cole & Marmalade. Read more

Valentine's Day Cat Edition - The Bachelor

Handsome bachelor Leo the Cat is looking for love in this cute Valentine’s Day special romantic parody of The Bachelor – feline style. Read more

Are You A Cat Lover? A Valentine's Day special

Does your heart go pitter patter for cats? Are you passionate about cats? Do you call your cat Baby or Sweetie? Read more

"Brotherly Love" with Cole & Marmalade

Cole & Marmalade are a purr-fect match! … Kitty love is a beautiful thing, as we see in this sweet compilation of clips with Cole and Marm showing their love for each other. Read more

Fill Your Life With Cats & Love

A life filled with cats is a life filled with love! And who wouldn’t want that? Share the love and make every day Valentine’s Day! Read more

Smitten - Simon's Cat (A Valentine's Special)

A love struck cat tries to impress his Valentine. Read more

How Single Cats Are Spending Valentine's Day

These unattached cats don’t have a date for Valentine’s Day. Let’s see how they choose to spend the day instead. Read more

The Balloon, with Shorty and Kodi

Shorty and Kodi celebrate love day with a Valentine’s Day balloon. Read more

Top 20 Cat Hugs for Valentine's Day

It’s a holiday love fest with Mama Coco and her kittens. Read more

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