UK Kitten With Six Legs Ready for Action

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By Adrea

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Meet Henrietta, a tiny kitten who was born with an extremely rare condition called polymelia resulting in an extra pair of legs – and can occur in humans and animals.

Pat Dryden, a volunteer with Feline Friends Cat Rescue where Henrietta is housed, said, “We noticed she had twisted leg syndrome and we had to massage her legs constantly.”

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“One day when we were massaging her legs we noticed two extra tags of skin going down on her hind legs. After about two weeks they started to develop claws and paws. The extra legs are about half the size of her proper legs.”

Henrietta doesn’t seem at all bothered by the extra legs. but when she is six-months-old she will undergo a procedure to have the additional appendages removed.

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‘She is doing very well for the moment but we worry that over time, as these strange legs grow, they will impinge on her movement and quality of life.”

The charity is raising funds to help pay for her surgery. If you are interested in helping, more information can be found at Henrietta’s Go Fund Me page.


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