Theo, Cat Burglar, Is Back to His Old Ways

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By Paige

Image source: Rachael Drouet
Image source: Rachael Drouet

You may remember Theo, the “cat burglar” who began stealing Christmas decorations in 2013. He garnered some serious press for his thieving ways and his penchant for bringing home items that didn’t belong to him.

For a while, it seemed like Theo was a reformed cat – objects stopped showing up at his owner,¬†Rachael Drouet’s, doorstep. Theo, now five years old, is a Siamese cross who lives in Ipswich. In addition to stealing Christmas ornaments, Theo had also brought home pens, a child’s piece of art, and a phone charger cable. But when the items ceased appearing, Drouet believed that their neighborhood was finally safe from her cat’s burglary.

That is, until Theo started bringing home fabric toy food items. So far, the toy food that Theo has stolen includes: cheese, green pepper, fish, pepper, aubergine, and even a fabric basket to keep the toys in. Additionally, Theo carried home a child’s vest.

Drouet has created a flyer advertising the items her cat has stolen, hoping to reunite them with their rightful owners. Until Theo’s burglary habit can be brought under control, residents of his neighborhood will need to keep a close eye on their items.

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