The Strange Tale of Brumas, the Pink Cat

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By Molly Dalrymple


Brumas, who, because of his white fur was named after a  polar bear in the London zoo, was taking a stroll near his home in Bratton Clovelly, England one day.  But when he returned, his owners Philip and Joan Worth were shocked.  His formerly all-white coat had turned a shocking shade of pink.

“He was pink – Barbie pink.  His head, ears and right down his body, although not underneath, had gone a quite brilliant pink,” Joan Worth told BBC News.  The couple immediately took the cat to their vet who pronounced him in good health despite his new color.

“We went to the vet, but they couldn’t find any reason for it, although they decided it wasn’t toxic, which was what I was worried about,”  Mrs. Worth said.

“We have thought about everything as to how this happened, from him being covered in some form of cow treatment to children’s poster paints,” Philip Worth said.  However, paint is not believed to be the cause, as Brumas’ fur was not matted.  “We have no clue where he was that could have caused this to happen,” he added.

The couple adopted Brumas after he was found in Dartmoor and taken in by the Cats Protection League. They own five other cats but as of yet, none of them have turned pink.

Mrs Worth added,  “He seems fine, he’s eating well and the other cats aren’t terribly bothered.”

Pink Panther jokes anyone?


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