The Cats of Japan’s Cat Island Eat Well Thanks to Food Donations

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By Paige

Image source: AFP-JIHI
Image source: AFP-JIHI

By now you’re likely heard of Japan’s Cat Island, Aoshima. The island is populated by more than 140 cats, and there are 8 cats on the island for every 1 human. It sounds like the place of a cat lover’s dreams.

But recently, the island has faced the challenge of keeping all of those cats fed. During the spring and summer tourist seasons, tourists bring food and treats for the cats. But during the less popular fall and winter, the cats are left to fend for themselves. And with such a high population of cats, that can be a challenging task.

In order to keep the cats from going hungry, a gentleman named Kazuyuki Ono Tweeted out the fact that the cats were hungry and that the island was in need of cat food donations. And the public responded, sending in donations from all over Japan. Hundreds of boxes of cat food have arrived via ship – in fact, the island has received so many donations that they are running out of space to store the food. At this point, Ono has requested the cessation of donations until more room is freed up for storage.

Thanks to the generosity of cat lovers all over the country, the Cat Island cats are sure to be well-fed and content until the next tourist season arrives.

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