The Bond of Brotherhood

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By Adrea

Ginger Bros 1
All photos: Anya Yukhtina

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Two tiny boys were in a garden, just a few days old.  The orphans were found by Anya Yukhtina, Moscow, Russia.  She brought them home, provided tedious, non-stop care to nurse the little guys back to health.  Two months later, the kittens were well on the mend, and the sleepless nights and hard work that Anya put in were rewarded.  The brothers continue to be inseparable as evidenced on Anya’s Instagram account which has 21k plus followers in large part to the ginger pair.

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The care and love that people give to animals, whether tiny like Anya’s boys, Glen Schallman’s rescue turned service cat Blake,  or senior cats, such as adopted by a kind lady,  11-year-old Mojo and  16-year-old Max , comes back in complete, unconditional love.  For those people who have adopted from shelters or rescues, many times it will be shared that while the objective in finding a pet started out as saving a cat’s life, more often than not, it turns out, the cat has saved theirs.


Ginger Bros 8

Ginger Bros 7

As to the Brothers Ginger, they look completely content.  Even if it is in the washing machine.

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