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By Samme

If you’re as curious about Japan’s famous cat islands as we are, you will be fascinated by this video walking tour of Tashirojima Island from a Canadian  travel vlogger and cat lover, Megan, who goes by LasSparrow.

The video shows you the little-photographed side streets, walkways, houses and rural roads, with plenty of felines everywhere you go. Cats are seen napping, asking for food, and greeting the visitors who are handing out nibbles.


Apparently, Megan loves cats and loves to travel. She has a cat of her own that you can see below and on her Instagram page. And she recently visited Japan and posted this charming and revealing video.


In it, you can see some interesting structures and cat shrines. More than 80 percent of the dwindling population is elderly. There are no dogs on cat island, so the felines wander freely.


Also shown are green, sea-side views and older homes on this island, which has become a popular tourist destination. You can also see cats just hanging out, of course. Tashirojima has a long and interesting history; its residents raised silk worms during the late Edo period. But it is best known for its fishermen, who fed scraps to the stray cats who lived on the island for generations.


The video gives you some close up looks at the cats, most of whom looked healthy, but not all.  Most are very friendly and just want to come up and say hello.


It’s interesting to tag along with Megan on her walk on  rustic Tashirojima, where cats out number people six to one.


Thanks Megan for this interesting video about one of Japan’s famous cat islands.


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