Study Shows Cats’ Unique Bond With Women

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Research that will appear in the Behavioural Processes journal indicates that the relationships between cats and humans mirror human-to-human connections,  particularly  between cats and women.

The study, which included 41 cats and their owners, was the first to document the extraordinary connection between felines and their owners, demonstrating a unique relationship where each side influences the other. The group, led by Kurt Kotrschal of the Konrad Lorenz Research Station and the University of Vienna, videotaped each interaction and studied the results in detail. They found that women and their cats possessed the most synchronicity in their dynamics; some required only subtle cues from each other to relay their message. The study noted that extroverted women with young, energetic cats were most in sync with one another.

Certainly, there are plenty of men who love their cats and the feeling is mutual, but this study found that women tend to interact with their cats more than men do. In addition, Manuela Wedl of the University of Vienna told Discovery News that the interactions between women and cats are more “intense.”

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  1. Curious. For myself, I’m not sure I’m described as extroverted … and there are 5 cats in my midst right now … Along with 2 dogs. Two cats are less than 1 year, and, well, one of those is the one who sealed the deal she and her sister got … plus encouraged me to dabble with the 3 foster kits. There certainly is some young cat energy in the house, though! 😉

  2. i knew it! when i first began rescuing cats, i didnt know what i let myself in for. i used to be a dog person, but i suddenly found myself on the other side of the spectrum, now a cat person. i have a dog i love deeply and just rescued two other dogs, but i am definitely a cat person. i have 10 cats i care for, more than that i love them like my children, and their bond with me is pretty deep to. just the thought of parting with them makes me feel sick inside. i never can figure out what it is about cats, why it is different, i just know it is. to me they seem so much more “human-like”…they respond like human toddlers do. all ten of my cats treat me with deep affection. five are outdoor cats (i live in the country, they are safe, and my dog protects them from predators) four are indoors and 1 is indoor/outdoors. i know the 5 that are outdoors would love to be able to be indoors as well, at least part of the time, but i could not deal with that many inside. i spend as much time as i can with them though. i find this article fascinating indeed.

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