Seattle Woman Pants Dogs…and Cats, Too!

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Mozzie pants made for dogs but cool enough for cats

Julie Korth knew she needed something to help her dog, Mozzie, become housebroken.  He came to her a rescue from a death row shelter with some understandably serious issues and knew she had to find a way to work with him that was gentle and reassuring.  Calling on her creative background, she made her first pair of what was to become Mozzie Pants. The clever design incorporated an absorbent pad into the pants and in just five short days, Mozzie took his business outside and there was no stress involved in the process.

Mozzie having fun and keeping clean in new print! Mozzie in Medium T and Walking Pant

Since then, the Mozzie Pants line has expanded to include additional styles and shirts, with many dogs and their owners seeing very happy results beyond the initial idea for housebreaking.  Many have found the apparel also offers comfort for animals or, in the case of Mozzie’s brother, Cody, help keep him from scratching at skin irritations due to allergies.

But Mozzie Pants aren’t just for dogs. Cat owners have found great benefit with the apparel line, too.  In fact, the reviews have been glowing:



Macy’s Mom: Thank you so much!! I was desperate to find a solution for my sweet cat Macy (above), she has been licking her tummy and it has been a nightmare. These pants worked great, problem solved. Thank you for all that you do for the animals!

mp-ameila-kitty mp-amadou-cat-used-for-calming-in-place-of-thundershirt

Amelie and Amador’s Mom (photo on left): Since this may not be obvious, Amadou, going “WTH?!” Thing inside adorable grey & red pj’s: Amélie, manx tail in full puff mode, going “WTH?!” Yeah…mommy bought the cutest cat’s pajamas to keep Amélie from licking all the fur off her belly. Huge thanks & shoutout to Mozzie Pants ( for making creative outfits for (mostly) #dogs

And later, Amadou got upset because mommy spilled her birthday dessert (it had honey on it) on her bed & made an epic mess. Amadou doesn’t like it when mommy changes the sheets & blankets. So Mommy put him to in a #Mozziepants shirt to see if it would calm him.

Amelie and Amador’s Mom (photo on right): This time I put Amadou in the shirt to calm him. Worked great, & so much easier than trying to wrangle him into a thundershirt. Thank you!!!!



Sassy’s Mom: Sassy looking sassy in her pants!!  Worked great, no more cone for this kitty!  She was licking herself so bad before her pants.  Thank you!!

Sassy actually got her Mozzie Pants from Sassy’s Aunt who had this to say about the product: I am a foster for Great Pyrenees dogs and I can’t say enough good things about Mozzie Pants. These pants will allow me to let my fosters heal from surgery and adjust to life in a home without the added stress of wearing a cone. As soon as I put my first pair of Mozzie Pants on Elmo, he immediately calmed down and stopped incessantly trying to get around his cone to get at his stitches. The cone can cause a great deal of anxiety in an already stressful situation because most of my fosters get spayed and neutered and then find themselves in a home for the first time in their lives all in the same day. Elmo loves his pants, they serve an invaluable purpose and I’m throwing out all my cones and using Mozzie Pants on all my fosters.


Bear’s Mom: Bear is a rescue kitty who lost all of his fur.  He loves his T-shirt to keep warm and it makes him more feel calmer.


Baby goat Bou

Even goats, like Bou, find comfort in Mozzie Pants apparel.


If you cat needs some cozy and comforting, check out these amazing products. For more information, check out Mozzie Pants websiteFacebook page, and on Instagram to find a great alternative to the cone for your kitty!

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