Quirky Cat Sits Like Gargoyle

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By Adrea

Wilber the Gargoyle
Wilbur (Photo sourced from #ourcatwilbur)

Wilbur is an adorable tabby who found his forever home with a lovely couple. He also has an odd way of sitting.  After posting a picture of Wilbur’s unique sitting position of choice on Reddit, another poster pointed out that Wilbur seemed to be channeling a gargoyle.  The same as one might find on the facade of a building.

garygoyle 5 red nebula
(Photo sourced from  Red Nebula Studios)
Gargoyle 1 FIX
(Photo sourced from Astral Castle)
Gargoyle 3 FIX
(Photo sourced from Linda Saboe)


Garygoyle 4 FIX thegargoylestore dot com
(Photo sourced from The Gargoyle Store)
Gargoyle etsy
(Photo sourced from reginasstudio)

His owners wonder if he may sit this way because of his body proportions.  Some that have commented on the posts that as long as he is healthy and in a happy home, that is what matters. Regardless, Wilbur is one cute kitty. Gargoyle or not.

Wilbur the Gargoyle 3
Wilbur looking dapper as a fashionista cat with his Dad (Photo sourced from #ourcatwilbur)

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