Clever Plan Put into Place to Deter Cat’s Food Thievery (and Weight Gain)

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By Adrea

This is Meatball. He is a food hog and was stealing everyone else’s meals until his owners came up with a clever solution destined to let everyone eat happy and stay healthy. (All photos: Meatball & Mochi)

When papa kitty discovers his youngsters have bowls of their own filled with food and decides what’s theirs is his, it can become a problem for everyone. This was the story of Meatball, who had been a svelte, fit feline, but after he and his partner, Mochi, produced a pair of off-spring and the kittens were old enough for wet food, not only was Meatball shanghaiing the goods, he was also putting on weight.

Fortunately, for all involved, the owners figured out a way to keep everyone fed, healthy, and happy with this clever idea. Now they can all eat happily ever after.


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