Phoenix Inventor Gets Rid of Litter Box Odor and Gives Veterans Jobs

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If you have cats, then you have litter boxes. And if you have litter boxes, then you have litter box odor.

Unless you have the Purr-ifier.

Entrepreneur and inventor Dwayne Baker invented the Purr-ifier when he got tired of dealing with litter box odor. Baker’s wife loved cats, so Baker knew that he would have to find a way to make litter boxes more tolerable to those of us with sensitive noses. So he set out to invent a solution.

Baker consulted with his mother, who is also an inventor, and the Purr-ifier was born. The Purr-ifier is a litter box odor control system which traps odors while they’re still in the litter box. Lab testing backs this claim up, according to Baker. The fan and filter of the unit trap the ammonia and bacteria smells, directing them into the unit’s filter rather than letting them travel outside of the litter box.

Even better? Baker employs mostly U.S. veterans to manufacture the product. He feels strongly against shipping jobs out overseas, but still manages to keep the US-manufactured Purr-ifier affordable. The unit sells for around $30, with refill filters running about $15.

As if inventing a way to stop litter box odor weren’t inspiring enough, there’s another fact you should know: Baker was a high school dropout. He joined the Army and now is focusing on developing his business further. Put your mind to it and you can do anything.

You can learn more about the Purr-ifier at the product’s website.

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