“My Brother Took Our Cat To The Prom”

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By Samme

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(Image: Imgur/Caroline12006)

Who wouldn’t love to go to the prom with this guy? The cat he’s holding thinks he’s dreamy, and so do a lot of other Imgur users who responded to this comment by the poster: “My brother took our cat to the prom. He couldn’t find a date.” OK. So it’s all in good fun. But what makes this photo so adorable is the expression on the cat’s face.

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“Seriously though. The cat looks like its in love,” said one Imgur poster. “The cat isn’t wrong,” said another. Apparently the cat’s name is Ruby. “If only someone (let alone my cat) looked at me like this,” said another. We agree. We don’t know if the cat actually went to the prom, and it doesn’t really matter. Ruby the cat and her human clearly have a very special relationship.

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