Muffin: Update on kitten recovering from paralysis

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By Karen Harrison Binette


Several readers have asked for an update on Muffin, the kitten who survived a risky surgery to remove an improperly inserted microchip that caused partial paralysis.

As the videos below, from November 25 and 26, show, Muffin is happy, playful, highly active, spirited and doing well, but still shows some weakness and lack of full control of his left front leg.

Muffin has made great progress since having the improperly placed microchip removed from his spine on October 28, and he continues to improve.

You can stay up-to-date on Muffin’s progress by following his Meet Muffin: Paralyzed at barely 6 weeks old by Downey Gross negligence Facebook page.

The introduction to this latest video reads: “Bundle of energy these last days! and he is not even supposed to be playing with toys yet.. oh well… Maui the white kitty, has a lot of patience, and clearly loves him!!!!”

For those not familiar with Muffin’s story:

Muffin suffered partial paralysis after a botched microchip insertion at the Downey, California animal shelter one day last month. Muffin was a perfectly normal, adorable, tiny stray separated from his mother at too young an age when he was picked up from the streets and brought to the Downey shelter. Rescuer Loren Slama pulled Muffin on October 16 and was checking on another cat’s spay surgery when a vet tech inserted Muffin’s microchip, in accordance with shelter policy. Something seemed wrong immediately afterward, when the kitten’s head slumped and he lost motor control. His mobility was greatly affected. A veterinary examination and x-rays determined that the chip had gone right into the kitten’s spine and cased the damage. Muffin had the chip removed from his spine on October 28, and his rescuer and caregiver was ecstatic and relieved that he’d survived the risky procedure. The many animal lovers following Muffin’s case also celebrated.

For more on the story, plus photos and video, see our earlier posts: Kitten Paralyzed by Botched Microchip Insertion Will Get Surgery, Paralyzed kitten Muffin survives risky surgery!, and Muffin, Paralyzed kitten improves.

Muffin’s friend Maui clearly has the patience of a saint:

Muffin cuddles with his special friend Maui:

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