Lucky Laurie’s rescue: Kitten injured when thrown from car

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By Karen Harrison Binette

Lucky Laurie
Lucky Laurie


A sweet little kitten is recovering with a rescue group after being injured when he was thrown from a car.

Lucky Laurie, as he has been named, is being called a miracle kitten. He was thrown from car traveling the M58 motorway between Switch Island and Skelmersdale, just to the northeast of Liverpool, UK, early Wednesday morning. A Tesco delivery driver rescued him from the roadway and he was brought to Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary, a foster based group that specializes mostly in cats.

The worst of his injuries are concentrated to his face, and include a broken jaw, split lips and broken teeth. Despite all that, and the terrifying experience he endured, his caregivers say Lucky Laurie is a loving, outgoing and friendly boy.

Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary told the story at Facebook Wednesday, writing: “Meet Lucky Laurie, our latest emergency admission! He was thrown from a moving car on the motorway.

“One of our supporters arrived at 7:30am this morning with this little guy after one of her delivery drivers found him on the central reservation of the M58 with horrendous injuries.

“He was rushed to the vets who estimated him to be just 7 weeks old. Sadly, he has several wounds to his head and feet but the main injury is to his mouth and jaw. He has broken his bottom jaw and he has split his lips down to the gum and lost his lower teeth.

“Unfortunately, because he is so little he can’t have his jaw wired and it is already infected. The vet said that his injuries were sustained from being thrown from a vehicle at speed.

“Despite all of this we have never met such an outgoing, loving friendly kitten!

“We do not know what long term effects this will have on his looks or health and we are just going to take it day by day. He is on daily medication for the infection and pain killers and we will be reviewing him daily with our vet to see if he needs surgery.

“We want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to the Tesco delivery driver who stopped on the motorway at 5:30am to save him. Without him who knows what would have happened to little Lucky Laurie. Please send loads of GET WELL SOON WISHES!”


Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary is accepting donations for Lucky Laurie’s ongoing medical care, along with medical care expenses for two other kittens admitted this week who were dumped in isolated places and with horrific injuries.

Lucky Laurie’s story has been picked up by the Liverpool Echo and other news outlets. Hopefully, the coverage will bring some much needed funds to the organization to help them care for the injured animals.

Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary is a small foster home based animal sanctuary in the Merseyside area, comprising Liverpool and surrounding area, set up in July 2013. They primarily focus on cats and small animals but will endeavor to help any animal in need.

Lucky Laurie
Lucky Laurie

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