Kittens Rescued From Recycling Truck by Employees

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By Adrea

All photos: Mickey Shuey/Palladium-Item


Three four-week-old kittens are now safe and recovering at a veterinary facility following their rescue from a recycling truck. They were discovered during a regularly scheduled pick-up by an employee of Recycling Center Inc.

“These are very fortunate animals,” Veronica Harrison, manager of the back of Animal Care Alliance told the Richmond Palladium-Item. “It was really incredible the lengths to which this group went to watch out for these kittens.” Sadly, a fourth kitten did not survive.

Recycling Center employee Jeremy Stiner, who found the kittens, worked alongside other employees to hand remove brake drums, some weighing as much as 100 pounds each, after hearing the cries in the back of the vehicle.

“I got a call and I was told they had these kittens and they wanted to make sure they were in a safe environment,” Harrison said. “They wanted to keep these little guys free from harm after the ordeal (the cats) went through.”

Healing time is expected to be 2-to-4 weeks with injuries ranging from a broken pelvis to a broken leg that will require amputation. The veterinarian believes the trio will make a full recovery.


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