Kitten Shower Brings Awareness to River Cities Humane Society’s Mission

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The River Cities Humane Society for Cats holds its

On Saturday, May 6, River Cities Humane Society held their fourth annual Kitten Shower. The only shelter in Northeast Louisiana that takes orphaned kittens, the event raises awareness about the shelter and the kittens available for adoptions.

A cat-shaped cake is among the refreshments at the

Lily McGehee, 6, holds a kitten during the River Cities
Lily McGehee holds kitten during the Kitten Shower at River Cities Humane Society.

River Cities Humane Society for Cats volunteer Kim

Johnathan Sajid, 12, holds a kitten at the River Cities
Jonathan Sajid, 12, holds a kitten while attending the Kitten Shower.
Zhyln Garrison, 5, looks at a kitten as Linda Vaughn
Zhyln Garrison, 5, watches Lynda Vaughn bottle feed a kitten during the 4th annual event in Monroe, LA.
A kitten sleeps in Athena Sajid's, 9, arms at the River
Photos: The News Star.

For more information about River Cities Humane Society, please visit their website and Facebook page.

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