It’s Meowdi Gras! Meet the 2018 Royal Court of Endymeow

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By Adrea

Queen Lily Queen Black Top


All hail the royal court of Endymeow 2018! The Cat Practice in New Orleans announced their feline royalty at their 22nd annual bal masque with this year’s theme, Louisiana Tricentennial 300th Anni-Fure-Saire. This year the Krewe of Endymeow presented two queens, Queen Lily and Queen Blacktop. Joining them in the 2018 court are Maid Sassafras and Dukes Bosco, Churchill, Faust, Fluffer Nutter, Jack, Jazz, Minou, Moose, Prince, Thomas and Vinny.



mardi gras duke vinny
Duke Vinny



mardi gras duke moose
Duke Moose


mardi gras duke jack
Duke Jack


mardi gras duke jazz
Duke Jazz


mardi gras duke faust
Duke Faust
mardi gras duke fluffer nutter
Duke Fluffer Nutter


mardi gras duke churchill
Duke Churchill


mardi gras duke bosco
Duke Bosco

So, as they say in New Orleans, laissez les bon temps rouler!

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