Head Priest Is Fine With Lots of Felines

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The head priest at this Buddhist temple in Japan turned breakfast into a lesson in coexisting in harmony with all living things, including the four cats who perched on his knees, chair armrests and wedged themselves between the priest and his seat.

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“Japanese society tends to have a pretty laid-back attitude about religion, and Buddhism places a high value on harmony between living things,” writes Casey Baseel of RocketNews24.com.  “As a result, many of the Buddhist monks you’ll encounter in Japan radiate an aura of calm and tranquility.”

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The head priest of Chorakuji Temple can be seen demonstrating his tranquil demeanor in several photos on the official Twitter account  for the temple, which is located in the town of Nasu in Tochigi Prefecture. The cats also kept him company while he read.

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We’re not sure what he had for breakfast, but he certainly did have plenty of curious and friendly companions. The Twitter account is full of wonderful photos of cats, like this one, and is not to be missed.

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