Happy First Birthday, Willow

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By Karen Harrison Binette

A sweet cat born with deformed back legs found a wonderful petmom and home, and  became an internet celebrity who inspired awareness, support and action for special needs kitties and others who need help, acceptance and understanding. Her internet persona is that of a self-described fashionista and rescue kitty helping her mom to rescue other kitties in need.

Willow celebrates her first birthday today. A lot of kitties with her condition would not have been given the chance to love and grow, so Willow’s birthday is notable for what it represents; a chance at live and love for special needs pets.

Willow’s typist wrote for her on her Facebook page last night, saying  “Only 2 hrs til my first birthday. In the last year, I was born, couldn’t get adopted cuz of my legs, was listed for free on craigslist (that’s how mommy came and got me ♥ ), I had a vet that thought I should be put down, I got a Facebook page, I became a supermodel, I made inspirational videos, I made friends, I got a wheelchair, I got leggings (inspiring Leggings for Life, that helps other disabled animals) and mommy and me rescued 42 kitties/doggies. It’s been a busy year >”<     “

Willow can be found at her Facebook page Willow, and at her Youtube channel WillowTube100.  Wendy Matthews is the caring, clever and talented petmom and rescuer behind Willow’s online and video ventures.

Wendy is also petmom to the tragically injured, then deceased, kitty Adlai Grace, who has inspired a movement to try to get good hearted people to pay attention to the terrible and prevalent crime of animal abuse. Adlai is the angel face of the Adlai Grace Foundation and the Justice for Adlai Grace movement.

Today is sweet, little Willow’s day, though.  It may not be her actual birthday, but it is her designated one. Happy Birthday, little survivor.

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  1. Thank you (once again) LifeWithCats! What a great article on sweet Willow! She had a smashing party, lots of cool presents sent from around the world, many handmade specially for her. All her friends were present and having a blast chatting, looking at pictures, posting and listening to great tunes..in other words, partying up a storm! It was my first ‘facebook party’ and I was honored to be invited. P.S. It was also Sammy from Miami’s Birthday, and a combined party for them both (Sammy is Willow’s brother, adopted by Wendy also). He’s a very cool cat..everyone should check out his fb page too..he is hilarious and very entertaining. And very handsome (hear that Sammy dude?)

  2. What a ” Pawsome ” story of resilience ,love. dedication and spirit! Thank you Wendy for making Willow’s life worth living <3
    She is so beautiful and her wardrobe suits her to a tee.
    All the best ….and a ~ Very Happy Purr Day Willow ~

  3. You look so cute and adorable dressed up for your birthday celebration. I am so glad that you are still around to celebrate also. Hope you have many more to come also.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR WILLOW HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU and many more to come. I hope you enjoyed your birthday yesterday.

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