Granville’s Tale

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By Karen Harrison Binette

Genteel and handsome senior cat Granville has finally found his forever home.

This is the story of one cat. Each cat has his own story, and this is the story of our Cat of the Week, Granville C.

Granville lives with seven kitty siblings and a human Mam and Dad in Whitehaven UK, in a home where each of the cats is appreciated, well loved and well cared for.

His Mam has become so well known locally for her open caring heart that she now gets called upon when some deserving little soul with a tough history and challenges in health or disability needs a good home. We could easily do a profile on Granville’s Mammy but this is his story.

Granville enjoying a recent spring day

Here is Granville’s tale by his own telling, as presented by a family member in August of 2010, shortly after he joined his new family:

A long time ago, when TV’s were black and white, wheels were square, when people used abacuses, I was born.

I was hit by a car about 3 human years ago and lost my eye. It’s ok though, I can still see pretty well, even though my sight’s fading in my remaining eye now.

When I got old, my previous owners didn’t want me anymore. I don’t know why, I’m a nice old chap. They told the cat rescue lady that they were moving to a place that wouldn’t allow cats. But if they loved me they wouldn’t go somewhere that wouldn’t let me be there, right?

I was left outside my old house in a cardboard box, with no food or water. They didn’t even tell the cat rescue lady my name, so she called me Big Lad. I’m so glad I don’t have that name anymore!

The cat rescue lady came to get me; she had a houseful of kitties so I lived outside in a kitty kennel. I was there for over 2 years as kittens and cute kitties were picked and taken home. All I really wanted was for someone to pick me. But everyone I was friendly to said I was ugly. I got depressed and wouldn’t come out of my kennel to meet people.

Looking a bit rough and scraggly when he first came to his new home

Then one day a lady and a man came, I didn’t know it at the time but these were to be my new Mammy and Daddy Dave. The lady looked at me, I peeped at her, and that was it, we were in love. I came shooting out of where I was hiding and purred my loudest to let her know I wanted to go home with her. The lady and man spent so much time stroking me and talking to me; I loved it! The lady even sat on the grass (and got cat poo on her bum) just so she could be closer to me.

A few days later the cat rescue lady dropped me off at my new home, I got a shock when my new Daddy Chris walked in. He didn’t know I was coming to live with them! How sneaky is that? But I nuzzled his hand and put my cute face on and he fell in love with me too!

I was only here for a few days before my new Mammy took me to the vets and had my teeth taken out. That wasn’t much fun. But it meant I could eat again! My teeth were in really bad shape, and I had ulcers in my mouth too. Oh, and really stinky breath. I had an xray done of my back and I’ve got something called Spondylosis. It used to hurt really bad, so did my teeth, but now I’m not in pain anymore.

My Mammy was told I was around 11 years old, but the vet said I was closer to 15. Not that I know what those numbers mean, age is a human concept. I feel like a kitten again!

I’m so glad I found my furever home.

Granville’s story does not end with his own happy ending note. It continues below.

One of our favorite pics of Granville

Granville has shown himself to be sweet, lovable, and possessed of a natural gentility since joining his family in the summer of 2010, and he has made a place for himself in everyone’s hearts. Health concerns have continued,and his family has diligently taken him to the vet for diagnosis and treatment. One concern has proven worse than anyone wanted it to be, and he now faces life with a serious and incurable condition. His family is providing care to make him comfortable and feel as well as he can, so he can live out the rest of his days happily, peacefully and with dignity.

We are happy that this one cat with a compelling story has finally found the good and loving home he so deserves, and wish him and his family well. We hope he still has many sweet days ahead of him and that he may enjoy them to the fullest.

August 3, 2011

Note: Granville crossed the Rainbow Bridge today. His loving family let him go in order to spare him the suffering the final days of his illness would have brought. RIP and run free, Granville.

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  1. Granville…you are so handsome! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! I’m glad you are in a place where you are loved completely! <3

  2. Glad he finally found a loving home. I have a cat with old facial injuries who showed up on my doorstep one day. She has a squinty eye, broken cheek and jaw and one tooth that sticks out but she is the sweetest, friendliest, most loving cat.

  3. Such a heartwarming story (KLEENEX ALERT!!!). All kitties deserve a loving forever home regardless of age or so-called “looks” (we think Granville is SO handsome!).

    We’re so happy Granville & his Mommy-to-be fell in love at first sight & that this super sweet chap knows there ARE kind, caring humans in this world. Thank you for profiling this wonderful guy on LWC!

  4. I think Granville is the most gorgeous of cats. I love him to bits. I wish he lived with me. xxxx

  5. Granville captured my heart when he first went to live with his forever family..and he can still bring me to tears….he’s a wonderful little guy….love him dearly……but not as much as his loving devoted family…….they are all very special..xXx

  6. Gran Gran bo ban! Banana fana fo fan! Me mi mo man! GRAN!!! Hi Gran!!! We lubs ewe muchly!!! [insert HUGE heart here]

  7. Iz cwying mai eyez out weeding about da full story, Gwanville! I wish GD and momma Ally found you 10 years ago!

  8. My wonderful kitty nephew and lots of others too lol he has been adopted into our hearts by many. Mammy Ally has done a wonderful job and gD is not bad either lol

  9. What a fantastic story are so handsome and very much loved by all who know you.

  10. Well, here ya go then, one of the World Wide Web’s hero’s. He’s a fine lad, and one of my bestest boys! Love you Gman!!! Love too, from Tidbit, Smudge, Luna and Shaydi!!!!!

  11. Granville, what a great story! I am so glad you found a forever home. I have sent you a friend request on facebook because I am a winky kitty too.

    “Special” pets ROCK!!!!!

  12. Granville, you darling boy, you now have alot of people from all around the world to love you too. I am so glad you have landed on your paws at last, to find yourself a loving home, with a loving family. You are not only beautiful on the inside, we think you are so handsome on the outside too. Love u sweet boy xxx

  13. Very heart warming story. So happy Granville will be able to live out his life in dignity and with lots of love.

  14. Granville the worst part of your life is over, praise God for this goodhearted family who adopted you.. May God bless them more!

  15. Sweet, touching story. I’m glad he’s found a loving home.
    And, I just have to say this: No cat anywhere, no matter how beaten, abused, or scarred is ever ugly. No way, no how=)

  16. Very touching story, so glad he found a home where he got the love and care he deserved. So sorry for his loss.

  17. tears running down my face. although i am happy he found someone to ease his pain it just baffles me how cruel humans can be! thank goodness for those that care. he died on my b/d last year.

  18. RIP you handsome little man. My deepest sympathies to the loving family that gave him a home. Thank you for making his last days so full of love.

  19. I think they must have the year wrong on the recent update. So sorry to read this. Just gives us a reminder to hug our own kitties tight.

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