Funny Shelter Name Tags Tell Us What Cats Really Think

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By Molly Dalrymple

(PHOTO: Obvious Plant/facebook)

Ever wondered about a cat’s various opinions on the world?  Well, at the Santé D’Or Adoption Center  in Los Angeles one man has given us a little insight.

Comedian Jeff Wysaski, better known by his online persona, Obvious Plant, has made a number of name tags for adoptable cats listing humorous “likes” and “dislikes.”  Some “likes” include typical cat activities like “sleeping in a sunbeam,” “staring out the window” and “belly rubs,” while the “dislikes” are a hilarious variety of everything from “15th century feudal Japan” to “haunted graveyards.”

(PHOTO: Obvious Plant/facebook)

While Wysaki wrote on facebook that he “stealthily left” the labels at the shelter he made clear that “All these cats are real and need a home!”

(PHOTO: Obvious Plant/facebook)

Santé D’Or showed their appreciation with a Facebook comment under Wysaski’s post. “Thanks for the shout out. Please stop by and see the cats in person. We’d love to chat. However, Obi is a huge fan of improv comedy …”

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