Famously Rude Post Office Cat to Retire

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By Samme

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After 22 years, Flash the Post Office cat is calling it quits. Flash has fans around the world, despite or because of his habit of ignoring customers.

“He sits with his back to people. He’s very rude,” post mistress Ann Macleod told  The BBC. Still, most of the regulars like to give him a friendly pat on his back or scratch his hiney, both of which are well received.

Flash sits on the counter of Lochinver Post Office, which has been at its current location since 1896, but is moving to new premises in a local supermarket. “It will be all change but we will get used to it,” said Macleod.

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Flash will not be moving from his old digs, and will  retire to the comfort of his owner’s home full-time. Today, Friday, is his last day in the old building.  “We’ll probably have to have a visitation day for people to come and see him because he’s got that many followers all over the world.”

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