Famous Internet Cats in Wisconsin Cheddar

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By Nicky Westbrook

You think you’ve seen cheesy artwork?

Each spring Austin Texas becomes the home of SXSW (South by Southwest), a music, film and interactive conference. This year Wisconsin cheese sculptor Troy Landwehr was commissioned to sculpt four famous internet cats out of cheese. Troy says the sculptures, “took four days to carve out of a 640 pound block of Wisconsin cheddar.” Landwehr, who started carving at age eleven, created cheese likenesses of: Nora the Piano Playing Cat, The Standing Cat, Gizmo the Flushing Cat and Monorail Cat.

The cheese cats were displayed at a party sponsored by I Can Has Cheezeburger and Friskies Cat Food. Friskies is kicking off their Tasty Treasures (with cheese) cat food.

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