Elderly Manx Rescued From Traumatic Situation Finds Forever Home

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Dandy before and after (Medium)When Kitty of Tailless Cat Rescue, a no-kill rescue organization focused on Manx cats in North Carolina, received a cryptic email about a cat in distress, she knew she had to act but was not sure how. The email was not even clear, reading only,

The man who was murdered was my brother, they had a Manx cat and all their house cats were turned out, can you help?”

Not only did the email sound quite troubling, Kitty did not even know what to make of it! After a few questions to the sender, the situation became clearer.

A woman had murdered her husband and was now in jail, leaving their housecats outside to fend for themselves, one of which was a Manx, the breed that Tailless Cat Rescue specializes in.

The sister then came in person and provided a folder full of vet records that she had managed to retrieve from her brother’s house. The only problem was that the records went back for years and there was no way to tell how many cats there currently were.

One of the cats was rumored to be Dandy, an 11 year old black Manx. She knew she had to do something.

A call to the county jail resulted in a conversation with a very nice policewoman who agreed to go in and interview the incarcerated woman. When she called back, Kitty thought she might faint. Apparently, there were 13 cats out there, 12 of which were housecats and had been used to sleeping with their owners.

Who knows what they had seen the night that the husband was shot and killed or how they were fending for themselves. And it was also reported that Dandy, the Manx, had already been sick at the time of the murder.

So, Kitty put out a plea to every rescue group she knew and to some of her personal friends. One of the cats was tame enough to pick up but the rest were going to require a trap. Friends loaned her their traps, while other friends offered to drive miles to help check them.

In the end, they caught 11 of the 12 cats, though one calico was never seen again. Other rescues took 10 of the cats with tails and Tailless Cat Rescue took Dandy.

Dandy was in terrible shape when he arrived. He had been outside trying to survive for about two weeks, despite being declawed! No one knows how bad things were in the home before the murder occurred but it was obvious that Dandy had not had veterinary care for a while.

When they had him checked, the vet immediately spotted that the mouth was in terrible shape and many teeth would have to come out, though not until he gained some weight first.  So, they started him on a regimen of antibiotics, good food and lots of TLC.

Despite everything, Dandy was a lover. He would sit in someone’s lap and just purr and purr and knead with those little front paws. In four weeks, he had gained two pounds. Everyone figured they would give him a long time to find a home because of his age.

But even before Dandy could have his teeth worked on, a woman who had two small dogs decided she wanted to adopt him. She felt that a declawed cat may be ideal, regardless of his age and she had already been approved for adopting a cat.

She was even willing to wait a few weeks until he had fully recovered. During all the waiting, she bought him a sack of toys and a cat tree.

Dandy ended up having six teeth pulled once he had gained enough weight and he bounced right back. He was then delivered to his new forever home, a place where he could live out the rest of his years with love and stability!


Tailless Cat Rescue is a feline rescue organization in Liberty, NC dedicated to finding homes for Manx cats, as well as other tailless cats or breeds. They are entirely run out of foster homes. Many of their cats come from shelters or pounds where they have run out of time and are about to be euthanized. They commit to the cats for life and help owners find expert advice on solving behavioral or health problems.

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