Cupid Inspires Love as He is Rescued and Helped Toward a Good New Life

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A cat found wandering with an arrow stuck through him is on the mend, showing a cute and loving personality, and on track for a good new life.

Cupid on the mend.

Residents of East Houston spotted a cat wandering around with an arrow going through him and called BARC, the City of Houston’s Animal Shelter and Adoption Facility, on Tuesday of this past week.   BARC then turned the cat over to Purr Paws Rescue, which took responsibility for the injured cat’s health and well being. Poor Cupid, as the sweet cat has been named, had been shot with a dull archery arrow, which had been sticking through him for days before he was rescued. Fortunately, the arrow pierced the cat in a manner that did minimal damage. Brittmore Animal Hospital staff operated, and Cupid went into foster care on Thursday, and began to heal.

Cupid is doing well in foster care as he recuperates from his experience getting shot, spending days with the arrow stuck through him, and then having it  removed. He is good natured, friendly, playful and loving, and is said to act as though nothing bad had happened. He returned to Brittmoore Animal Hospital to appear with Dr. Taylor for his Today show appearance yesterday.

Purr Paws has announced that, thanks to the generosity of community members and supporters, Cupid’s medical bill has been paid. Cupid, who is about 2 years old, will be made available for adoption once he is ready. As with any cat who becomes famous, Cupid will have no trouble finding a home. He has already helped at least one other Purr Paws kitty find someone interested in an adoption, when someone contemplating making an adoption application for Cupid fell in love with another kitty in need of a home. You can visit Purr Paws on Facebook.

BARC is investigating the case. “We are going to do our best to find out who it was and we know that somebody saw this happen, and we hope they won’t tolerate it either,” said BARC’s Christopher Newport, adding, “I don’t know how people can be so cruel,”

Here’s Cupid’s appearance on the Today show. He received news coverage in Houston earlier in the week, also.

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