Colorado Cat Hotel Offers Luxury Cat Boarding

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By Paige

Image source: Catagonia Cat Hotel
Image source: Catagonia Cat Hotel

There’s a new cat hotel in Colorado Springs, but this one does things a bit differently than your typical cat boarding facility. The Catagonia Cat Hotel is for cats and only cats, and it provides them with a luxurious boarding experience.

You see, the idea behind the design of the cat suites comes from Jackson Galaxy, cat behaviorist and star of the TV show My Cat From Hell. Galaxy advocates that cat owners “catify” their homes and apartments, giving cats spaces to climb vertically and satisfy their need to be up and above their surroundings.

That’s why the Catagonia Cat Hotel offers multiple boarding options for cats in spaces ranging from 4 to 8 feet tall. Owners can choose from the cozy condo, the grande condo, and the purrsidential suite, depending on how much space they want their cats to have. Each space includes ladders, shelves, and beds, so the cats can make themselves right at home.

But that’s not all – with the owner’s permission, cats are allowed to roam around the hotel freely at designated times during the day. Cats are let out one at a time so no fights occur, and it gives them a chance to stroll around and explore. Plus, cats enjoy plenty of playtime and attention from staff, free of charge.

Sound totally awesome? If you’re in Colorado Springs, then you might want to check out the Catagonia the next time you head on vacation. The hotel just opened up in November, so now is the perfect time to call and find out more.

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