Cat Table Lets You Work While Kitty Plays

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If your cat insists on getting involved whenever you sit down to work, consider this ingenious desk table designed to let you be productive while kitty plays.

To you it’s a work space; to your cat it’s a playground, complete with holes and tunnels in the top of this wooden desk created by Hong Kong-based designer Hao Ruan of LYCS Architecture, according to a report by


The desk is made from a solid piece of wood in which a series of openings and tunnels have been carved out to create spaces for a cat to explore and lounge while you do your thing. (We’re assuming it’s rather pricey, but we like the idea of cat friendly furniture.)


“People who live with cats always have these kind of experiences: putting away the cat from your laptop was like a sentimental ritual of temporary farewell,” according to and the design team at LYCS Architecture. “A proper sized hole could be so irresistible to cats. Their curiosity would be greatly satisfied through repetitively exploring the unknown path behind the hole.”



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