Cat Stuck in Deadly Plastic Ring Is on the Mend

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By Samme

(Animal Care Protective Services)

Remember the little fellow who got stuck in a plastic six-pack ring? And had to be cut free? He’s doing a lot better and will be placed in a foster home where he’ll get a lot of love and attention. Sprite got stuck in the ring when he was small, and couldn’t free himself.

.Life With Cats shared his story last month as a reminder of the importance of cutting up plastic rings before disposing of them. Sprite has rescued and operated on by the staff of Animal Care and Protective Services of Jacksonville Florida. A big round of applause for these nice people.


Here’s what Sprite  looked like before surgery: sad and thin.

(Animal Care Protective Services)

And during surgery to remove the horrible trash ring that cut into his skin and muscle tissue.


Turns out he’s feral and people shy, and will need some socializing. But the staff of Animal Care and Protective Services have high hopes for him. It even looks like he’s gaining a little weight. Please share Sprite’s story to remind people that trash can kill.

(Animal Care Services/Facebook)

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