Cat Serial Poisoner Mystery Rocks French Resort Town

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Who and what is poisoning the cats of Saint-Pierre-la-Mer? The mysterious deaths of more than 200 cats at a seaside resort in southwestern France is being described as a case of apparent mass poisoning.

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News reports, such as this on in The Telegraph, describe a town in shock. “Psychosis has gripped the small resort of Saint-Pierre-la-Mer in the Aude after scores of kitties, both stray and ones from good homes, have been found mysteriously dead in recent weeks – most with mysteriously blue tongues.”

“They were sicking up something blue, they were meowing and dying,” said Stéphanie, a local, whose cat Sylvestre, 10, was among the victims.

No one knows the source of the poison, but possible agents include rat poison to cannabis, according to The Telegraph. Large numbers of dead and dying cats were found over the past month by shocked residents. The Association of Stray Cats has reported the events to police, who are investigating. The organization is calling on police to conduct autopsies and find the cause.

“The atmosphere has become hateful, nobody trusts anyone,” a villager named only as Geneviève was quoted as saying by French daily Ouest-France.

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