Cat Rescued From Brooklyn Sewer by Guardians of Rescue and NYPD

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By Karen Harrison Binette


A cat trapped beneath a 400 pound grate on a Bay Ridge, Brooklyn street for several days was finally freed thanks to local residents, Guardians of Rescue and a crew of officers from the NYPD.  We have the happy ending update to the story and a video of the kitten that was used to highlight his predicament.

Anna Kefalonikas and her friend Dagny Kula feed cats in their neighborhood, including the cat who needed rescuing, and Anna first heard the trapped cat’s cries several days ago.  When the cat was traced to a storm drain beneath a weighty iron grate, Anna’s daughter Lia got video footage on her phone that was shared to social networking sites in hopes of bringing help.

(You can see the video, with the little cat eating beneath the grate, below.)

We did a post on the story on Thursday, when the NYPD came out and made an impressive effort to help the cat, and WABC reported with video from the scene.

By Thursday evening, officers had cut a hole in the grate, after trying to pull it up with hooks and heavy equipment, and sent a camera down to look for the cat. The cat had run into the underground pipes during the commotion and wasn’t spotted, but everyone hoped he would return later that night looking for food.  There was a sense of relief and gratitude, but kitty’s fate was unresolved.

You can revisit our earlier post here: NYPD Rescue Officers Help Brooklyn Residents Trying to Free Cat From Storm Drain.

We learned on Saturday that the cat was rescued, and we found out more on the story.

The WABC report didn’t mention a key role played by James Giuliani from Diamond Collar dog supplies boutique and grooming salon in Brooklyn, and the Guardians of Rescue .

Guardians of Rescue wrote at Facebook on Thursday (slightly edited):

“Late, last night the Guardians where asked to help with a kitten stuck in a drain in Brooklyn, New York.

“A neighbor took a video and posted to YouTube, with a plea for help. No one came forward and days went by.

“We jumped into action, made a few calls , and asked our friend James Guliani from diamond collar in Brooklyn to do whst he does best, save the kitty. And within 35 minutes, the FDNY, NYPD, emergency services , Con Ed, and even the local councilman where all working together!!


“Thanks to everyone who came to help , and a big special thanks to our dear friend James from Diamond Collar !!!


Guardians of Rescue posted the happy update showing a photo of the rescued kitty at Facebook on Friday, saying:

“Saved!!! The kitty stuck in the storm drain in Brooklyn has been rescued. James Giuliani from Diamond Collar stepped up and made it happen , and a very special thanks Lia Kefalonikas for contacting us and seeing that this kitty got help!! TOGETHER WE SAVE THEM!”

This truly was a concerted and dedicated effort by a diverse group to rescue one little cat in need.

Here is Lia Kefalonikas’ video of the trapped little cat:

“We are desperately trying to rescue this cat… Left corner of 93rd street off of Marine Ave. in Bay Ridge Brooklyn…. Been trapped for 10 days …. Can someone please help us?! We are all devastated & praying for a miracle.”



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