Cat Rescued From a Roof With a Cardboard Box Slide

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A little creativity and a bit of daring helped to rescue a cat who was stuck on a second story roof.

The cat had gotten himself stuck on top of a home roof in Cardiff. Farah Mukhtar, 29, heard the cat meowing one night, but couldn’t see where the cat was. The next morning Mukhtar heard the cat again, and realized that the cat was on her roof.

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Together with her husband Syafiq Basar, Mukhtar set out about getting the cat some help. Basar tried to coax the cat into walking to the other side of the roof, which made for an easier rescue, but the cat would not be convinced to go to Basar. Basar and Mukhtar called the local fire department for help, but the department stated that they had to be called out directly by the RSPCA.

And that’s when the pair came up with a plan to rescue the cat. Basar found a large cardboard box and held it up to the roof, hoping the cat would jump in. When the cat wouldn’t jump, Basar made a slide out of the box and the cat slid safely into the window.

The incredibly lucky cat has been reunited with its owners.

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