Cat Aids In Arrest Of Wanted Man

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By Paige

Image source: Rob Marquardt via Flickr
Image source: Rob Marquardt via Flickr

A cat helped police arrest a man with an outstanding warrant in Lancaster County, Philadelphia. The man, 23-year-old Jonathan Michael Steffy, fled from police who attempted to arrest him.

But Steffy came face-to-face with a black cat when he was trying to hide from police, and that cat gave away his hiding place. Officers pursuing Steffy noticed the black cat crouched down, focused on something near a shed in a backyard. An officer checked the shed but didn’t find anything, but then saw the cat focused on a second shed. The officer discovered Steffy in the second shed, and arrested him.

Steffy was wanted for failure to pay costs and restitution in a burglary and possession of controlled substance charges.

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