British Men Love Their Moggies

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More British men are falling asleep to the sound of a contented purr. Moggie-loving gents are behind the increase in cat ownership in the UK, according to a recent survey.

The Pet Food Manufacturers Association has reported that the number of companion cats in the country has gone up by 500,000 to reach eight million in the past year, according to the BBC. The increase is due in large part to one million more men getting a feline friend, according to PFMA, which conducted a survey of 8,000 households.

Celebrity cat owners, such as Russell Brand and Ed Sheeran, may have made made cat ownership more attractive to men, the PFMA noted.
About 17 percent of men in the UK, or 5.5 million, now own a cat, up from 13 percent or4.2 million in 2016, according to the survey.

Hugh Wigmore is a typical moggie loving male. He lives in London with his cat Nigel Harmsworth. “I like having a cat because we have loads in common,” Hugh told the BBC. “We both love cuddles, jelly and the outdoors! We get on really well. I’d definitely recommend it to other guys.”

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Sam Sahota adopted three newborn kittens dumped in a dustbin, and ignored the vet who said they had no chance of survival. “We never had pets when I was young so it’s something I’ve always wanted,” he said. “They always seem to know when you need a bit of attention after a bad day.

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Mike Brooks, from Nottingham, has three cats. “I got a cat because I have always had cats since I was a child and they’re wonderful creatures,” he said. “They’re cute, usually cuddly (if you respect their wishes), generally low-maintenance, and there is nothing more satisfying than the purr of a happy cat.”

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