Big boned Bumble – the cat jumping through hoops to shed the pounds

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By Karen Harrison Binette

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A slightly out-of-shape and overweight cat is getting fit and slimming down using an activity more commonly associated with dogs.

The tubby tabby cat has been learning to jump through hoops in a bid to slim down while he waits to find a new home at the Blue Cross UK animal charity’s rehoming centre in Torbay

Big-boned feline Bumble is carrying a few extra pounds and has been working on shifting his weight with his new hobby of agility, a sport usually reserved for dogs.

Laura Boyle, Rehoming Centre Manager for Blue Cross in Torbay said: “Agility is quite unusual for cats, but Bumble learned to jump through his hoop really quickly and hopefully it will help him to reduce his weight a bit as he is on the large side.

“It’s difficult for cats to get a lot of exercise while they are here at the centre, so this is great way of getting him to move around a bit more. Hopefully this lovely cat will soon be in a new home where he will get to go outside and get all the exercise he needs.”

Bumble is also on a special high fibre diet of three small meals a day to help him in his weight-loss efforts. He is looking for new owners who can help him continue his weight loss plan.

The six-year-old Bumble came to Blue Cross when his owners move house and were unable to take him with them. He is a very friendly boy who loves a fuss and likes to be in the company of people. Despite his large size though, Bumble is a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to other felines, so ideally he’d like a home in an area where he won’t meet too many other cats. He does love to explore though, so he will need access to the great outdoors.

Bumble is available for rehoming through Blue Cross Torbay.


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