Karen Parquet

Former Pet Business Owner with 17+ Years of Experience

Karen is a pet expert that’s been in the field for a little over 17+ years. She owned a pet sitting business in the Northern Virginia area during that time. Karen really enjoys writing about pets, gaming, lifestyle and other topics. She’s written for the AKC, Xposure Advertising and more.

When she’s not writing her books, or writing for work, she’s spending time with her husband and two dogs, painting, or reading.


  • Written for the AKC, Fivebarks, other pet related sites and advertising agencies.
  • 17+ Years of experience in the industry.


Karen has always been a dog lover. She started her own pet business over 17 years ago, and in that time, has learned everything there is to know about training and taking care of pets. She currently owns three dogs (a greyhound, saluki, and golden mix) and continues to learn as much as she can about different breeds and their needs.

Karen loves nothing more than helping others learn about their pets and giving them the best possible care. Her wealth of knowledge and experience makes her the perfect person to turn to for understanding animals!


  • Southern New Hampshire University – B.S. Forensic Psychology
  • Southern New Hampshire University – (currently enrolled) M.A. English and Creative Writing

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