Alison Page

Former Practice Manager – Animal Veterinary Clinic
Dog Lover 35+ Years

Alison is a professional writer, dressage judge, and dog lover with over 35 years of experience in keeping dogs and cats. Alison writes for FiveBarks, Life With Dogs, World Animal Foundation, and more. Alison enjoys judging at regional dressage events in her spare time, walking her Shih-Poo, Raffles, through the Cheshire countryside, or cuddling her two rescue cats.


  • Writing for FiveBarks, Life With Dogs, and publishing two novels. 
  • 35 years of experience keeping horses, dogs, fish, and cats.


Alison is an experienced dog owner who has rescued and rehabilitated several furry friends over the years and once volunteered to walk greyhounds at a local rescue center.

In 2002, Alison worked in a veterinary clinic in the UK as Practice Manager before beginning her writing career in 2009. Alison has written thousands of articles on dog and pet-related subjects for numerous websites and has published two short novels. Alison is also a professional dressage judge, officiating at numerous events throughout the year.


  • HND in Business Studies, 1982(Carlett Park COT, UK)
  • BSc in Equine Science, 2000 (OCES, Sussex, UK)