Annual Vet Care Costs Vary by State: California (High) Arkansas (Low)

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The annual cost of veterinary care varies by state, with California and Hawaii at the high end and Arkansas and North Dakota at the low end.

Petland, which sells health insurance for pets, released a list of the top ten most expensive states when it come to vet care, according to Veterinary Practice News, which complied the following list of average annual expenditures paid by insured pet parents.

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Two states listed as least expensive were North Dakota and Arkansas, where the average annual costs were  $769.56 and $769.60 respectively.

If all of that seems pretty pricey, consider that Petland has its own agenda, selling insurance, and that their data is drawn from a smaller group–pet parents who have insurance.

Here is what the American Veterinary Medical Association says the average pet owner spends every year on vet care, according to Naturally, making sure your cats and dogs are vaccinated, kept indoors and neutered or spayed can all cut down on trips to the vet.

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