Abandoned Pedigrees Looking for Love

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Percy is one of many Persians available for adoption at South Texas Persian Cat Rescue, dedicated to saving the “flat faced and fluffy.”

If your fancy runs to fancy cats, you can always adopt instead of shopping for a new feline friend.

Beautiful, healthy pedigree cats and kittens are surrendered every day to shelters across the country, often because a family is moving and cannot take their pet with them. Dozens of outstanding rescue groups dedicate themselves to re-homing abandoned Persians, Siamese, Manx, Maine Coons and many other breeds of pedigree and exotic cats. Purebred Plus Cat Rescue of Davis, California is one such non-for-profit organization and no-kill shelter dedicated to caring for abandoned purebreds. Their Website explains their mission and lists more than a dozen breeds available for adoption, including Bengals, Himalayans, Siamese and Egyptian Maus.

Making miracles happen is part of the daily job description for the volunteers at Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue of Wisconsin.

Founders Ellen and Steve Fawl have been helping find homes for fancy cats for 15 years and work with a dedicated staff of volunteers who are familiar with the needs of various breeds. “People sometimes ask why we rescue mostly purebred cats,” says Ellen Fawl. “The answer is not that they are fancier and hence somehow more deserving than other homeless cats. The fact is that different breeds of cat can have unique care requirements–such as the grooming needs of Persians–or for other reasons do poorly in shelter environments.”

By adopting a feline in need, you are saving a life and supporting groups that promote animal welfare and spay and neuter education. Pedigree cats are often purchased because they make cute kittens, then thrown out on the streets when they reach maturity. This is a common practice in countries such as Kuwait and Egypt, according to South Texas Persian Rescue. “Rescuers in these countries are overwhelmed,” their Website reports.  Here in the United States, backyard breeders contribute to the unwanted pedigree cat problem, according to Kirsten Kranz of Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue.

Nellie Bean had was starving and suffering from an eye infection when her owners took her to a vet to have her put to sleep. She was rescued by SPCR of Wisconsin and nursed back to health.

It doesn’t matter where you live or what breed you prefer. Purebred rescue groups across the country will help you find your perfect cat companion, whether it be a Birman, Burmese, Chausie, Chartreux or Devon Rex. You can go online and look at photos and videos of available cats or locate a rescue organization near you. Petfinders.com, for instance, provides listings from more than 12,000 adoption organizations and allows you to specify a breed when searching for a cat.

Theodore, a Sealpoint Himalayan rescued by SPCR from the home of a hoarder in Illinois. Theodore shows what some loving care can do to make a fellow super adoptable.

Many rescue advocates take a boutique approach to cat care. Fancy Feline Rescue of the South is a licensed, no-kill organization that keeps its cats in foster homes where they get lots of love and attention. Midwesterner cat lovers should check out Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue, while Purebred Plus Cat Rescue serves the Western United States. The breed specific Bengal Rescue Network is a national organization, as is the Japanese Bobtail Rescue League. There’s no limit to your options, so go wherever your fancy leads you to find your next special cat companion. And get a special feeling when you opt to adopt instead of shop.


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