A Little Dawn Will Do You, a Stuck Cat, and Firefighters Quite Well When it Comes to a Rescue

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By Adrea




The following was posted on the Winchendon Facebook page following an incident that surely came close to proving the old adage, “curiosity killed the cat,” or, in this case, put her into a very poor situation.  Had it not been for the dedicated folks who assisted in this endeavor, it may have been truer than not.

For anyone who has heard the massive success stories of using Dawn liquid soap to clean aquatic animals following oil spills, while the use of Dawn, per se, has not been confirmed, it is good to know dish soap has multiple purposes when it comes to rescuing animals.


The Winchendon fire department responded to a very “unusual animal rescue” today. A one year old cat found her way into a storm drain on Maple Street and when she apparently tried to get out her head became wedged in the grate. 




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