STOP Cats Scratching / Jumping on Furniture

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By Karen Harrison Binette

Cat and dog trainer Robert Dollwet presents a helpful tutorial on keeping cats from scratching the furniture and jumping up where they should not be.

Robert writes in his introduction to the video: “In this tutorial you’ll learn how to stop your cat from scratching/jumping on furniture/counter tops. BUT more importantly, you’ll learn that if you want to stop your cat from doing something, you’ll FIRST need to teach them WHAT you want them to do.”

Key points include:

  • Provide plenty of things for your cat to lay and scratch on
  • Create a positive association with those areas
  • Entertain and challenge your cat
  • Timing is critical when interrupting and redirecting behavior

Note: This is a revised and expanded version of an earlier tutorial on the subject.


Robert Dollwet lives in Australia and operates Malibu Dog Training. He is petdad and trainer to Didga, the amazing skateboarding cat. Didga stars in several videos, where she performs a variety of tricks while enjoying safe outings with her dad.

You can see more on Robert Dollwet’s cat training and amazing cat videos at his CATMANTOO page at Facebook and his CATMANTOO YouTube channel. For more of Robert’s videos at our site, click HERE.




STOP Cats Scratching / Jumping on Furniture

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