Newborn Kittens Resced From Flooded Storm Drain

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By Karen Harrison Binette


Three tiny Brunswick, OH kittens became separated from their mother and were rescued from a drain pipe full of the runoff from a heavy rain.

a utility worker saw the kittens and called Animal Control. Animal Officer Mike Kellums made the rescue and turned the kittens over to Brunswick Animal Hospital, where they are getting round the clock care.

Vet staffer Jessica Boseone said, “”We have to do everything for them. We have to feed them, keep their body temperature up and we have to make them defecate ourselves because their mother would normally do that by licking them and cleaning them.”

“I will take them home with me and care for them at my own house because they need constant care, if one of them wakes up, then they will wake the other ones up.”

“They are eating very well, if they don’t eat then you don’t have as good of a chance, but they want to eat. They’re fighters and I think that they will definitely survive. I’ll try to make them survive,” Boseone said.

The kittens will get names once they make their personalities known, and will be made available for adoption in about six weeks. By that time, they will be extremely well socialized.





Video report on the story from local ABC affiliate newsnet5:

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