2-Legged Cat Hitches Ride on a Roomba

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By Paige


Roombas aren’t just for cleaning anymore. In fact, Cassidy, a two-legged cat, finds the Roomba quite helpful in getting around the house.

Cassidy once lived in a feral cat colony with more than 200 other cats. His mother accidentally chewed his legs off when he was born while she was trying to chew the umbilical cord. Lucky for Cassidy, nine weeks later he was rescued by Tiny Kittens, a rescue organization which got Cassidy the medical care he’d need, including physical therapy.

While Tiny Kittens provided Cassidy with a custom wheelchair all his own, he clearly enjoys riding the Roomba around the house. He does a good job of cleaning at the same time.

Cassidy will soon be outfitted with a pair of bionic legs. While the cost of his care has already amounted to $10,000, one look at Cassidy proves that it’s totally worth it. This cat is a fighter and has made an incredible recovery.

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