Hanging out with Ray the blind cat

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By Karen Harrison Binette


Ray is a blind cat who came to the US from Kuwait, along with his also-blind brother Sylvester, after being rescued by a military contractor during her time there. He is a friendly little fellow who loves attention.

Ray and Sylvester found a home with Blind Cat Rescue, in St. Paul’s, North Carolina, after their journey to the US.

Ray has been with Blind Cat Rescue since 2009. We wondered about Ray’s story after seeing a new video with him – titled Hanging out with Ray – that BCR shared at YouTube today.

BCR tells Ray’s story at their website, writing:

2009 –  Ray and his brother came to us from a shelter in Kuwait. Holly is a US contractor there and wrote us asking for help for Sylvester and his brother. Below is a letter from the shelter telling us their stories

“Thank you for you willingness to take on two special boys from our shelter. The boys came into our care in March 2007, so we have them almost 2 years. Although they are perfectly healthy boys, only thing “wrong” with them, is that they can’t see. Ray has slight vision in one eye, but Sylvester is completely blind. The cats have wonderful senses and we have seen Sylvester sitting in front of the window, peering outside and following birds with his head movement. Both boys are very quick to find a lap and absolutely love to sit on a lap. They have never allowed their eye issue to prevent them from climbing on top of the cages either. And, touch wood, so far, they have never injured themselves when getting down. The only time Ray is irritated and he will attack other cats, is when (we suspect) his eyes might be painful. He still has eyes and sometimes gets eye infection. Both boys do mix with many other cats (with full vision). The other cats know to sidestep the brothers, but sometimes it is not possible and then a slap from the brothers are the result and sometimes fur flies all over … but, as you know, sometimes cats with full visions also fight, so we never see the blind brothers as “trouble makers” .. they just defend themselves … as normal cats do. They have wonderful, sweet personalities and will surely be a great asset to a home where the people will understand and accept their disabilities.”

As you can imagine there are very limited resources for “normal” animals to be adopted in a war torn country like Kuwait, imagine how little there is for a blind one! Holly was coming back to the states for a visit and flew them back here with her. Then she drove almost 24 hours from Chicago to hand deliver them to us! Ray is a HUGE fellow, super nice, loves to be pet.


Watch the big special needs boy from Kuwait who found a new life in the US in his Hanging out with Ray video:

Those interested in sponsoring Ray at Blind Cat Rescue can do so HERE.



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