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funny cat videos

Siamese cat defends computer mouse

Kitty defends the computer mouse, protecting it from her petdad’s encroaching hand. Read more

Lulu makes Biscuits

Lulu is busy kneading on her petdad, making kitty biscuits! Read more

Cats Protecting Babies Compilation

Cats cuddle up to, hang out with, comfort and groom babies in this cute compilation of video clips. Read more

Funny Cats Opening Doors Compilation 2013

Some talented cats know how to take matters into their own paws in this compilation of video clips with cats opening doors. Read more

Cats Acting Like Humans Compilation

Cats stand on their hind legs, open doors, walk on the treadmill, give the high five and more, in this compilation of video clips. Read more

Basket Surfing Kitten

Foster kitten playtime fun. Read more

Max Enjoys an App

A cute sphynx kitten named Max enjoys the iPad Read more

Cat Alarm Clock

This is Boo’s way of saying rise and shine.
Read more

Cat Attacks Mirror

More like, cat attacks mystery cat in the mirror.
Read more

Fresh Step Introduces Organic Bacon Scented Litter

Local News 7 reports on the latest product to embrace the bacon trend: Fresh Step Organic Bacon cat litter. Reporter Tracy Blackburn test drives the new product with her cat Huggles.
Read more

Scaredy Cat

Pum’kin gives Storm a bit of a scare. Petmom Jen says she could hear the Jaws theme in her head as she watched the scene unfold.
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Cat Follows Teeny Tiny Football

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