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cute cat videos

19 New Year's Resolutions by Cats

If your cats made New Year’s resolutions they might look something like this … . Read more

Where is Maru?

Hana is looking for his friend Maru, and there is a box in the middle of the room … . Read more

Monkey & Thunder - The Love Cats

Thunder and Monkey are the love cats … . Read more

2013: Year in Review! Cole the Black Cat

2013 – A year in the life of Cole the Black Cat… It was PAWSOME! Read more

Kittens Confused About Christmas Gift

The Sweetfurx4 kitties get a most unusual new toy friend for Christmas, and are not sure how to react to the newcomer. Read more

Many boxes and Maru 4

A gift for us all from Maru: Maru sits and plays in boxes, sometimes with his little pal Hana, in this new compilation of video clips. Read more

(Not So) Silent Night

A video featuring Shorty and Kodi is “dedicated to our little beasts who keep us up at night, especially those of us who fill our homes with “toys” that get our cats so excited at this time of year.” Read more

How Cats Help Wrap Presents!

Chris Poole writes: I snuck away while Cole & Marmalade were sleeping, to wrap some gifts, but they found me and decided to help… Read more

A ShoKo Christmas

Some hilarious moments around the ShoKo household during Christmas time, featuring Shorty and Kodi. Read more

A cat's guide to removing ornaments from the Christmas tree

Shorty and Kodi are back with another how-to video, this time demonstrating how to remove ornaments from the Christmas tree. In the brief tutorial, Shorty demonstrates removal technique as Kodi observes and acts as lookout. Read more

Shorty's STILL super excited for Christmas!

3 years ago Shorty went crazy for her little Christmas presents and she’s still as crazy about opening them. Problem is, they don’t last very long anymore. Read more

Christmas Presence (Part 2) - Simon's Cat

“A crafty cat plans a Christmassy trick!” Read more

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