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cute cat videos

Kitten Pikachu dancing with curtain

Pikachu shakes his little caboose in an impromptu dance while playing with a curtain. Read more

Simon Draws: Tabby Cats

Simon Tofield demonstrates how to draw Tabby Cats! Read more

2 Kodi

Kodi turned 2 on Jan 17 so he spent the day doing exactly what he loves. But we take a short look back and look at the early communication going on between Shorty and Kodi and appreciate that perhaps the end result was not so surprising. Read more

All Cats Are Created Equal

The Furball kitties can teach humans a thing or two: They say the color of your fur doesn’t matter, as they share their message of inclusiveness and acceptance on the MLK Day holiday. Read more

Maru gets into the cupboard

Maru and Hana are very interested in getting into the cupboard. Read more

Mom Cat Hugs Her Baby Kitten

Mama Coco hugs and cuddles her kitten Pavel. Read more

Cuddly Cat

This cuddly cat loves to nuzzle Daddy’s neck. Read more

Henri 8 - "Artiste"

Henri Le Chat Noir ruminates on Art. Read more

A day in the life of every cat owner

Shorty and Kodi star in and present: A day in the life of every cat owner, especially familiar to those of us who work from home. Read more

19 New Year's Resolutions by Cats

If your cats made New Year’s resolutions they might look something like this … . Read more

Where is Maru?

Hana is looking for his friend Maru, and there is a box in the middle of the room … . Read more

Monkey & Thunder - The Love Cats

Thunder and Monkey are the love cats … . Read more

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