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cute cat videos

Cats Stealing Dog Beds Compilation

A compilation of cats stealing dog beds for their comfort and enjoyment while their canine housemates have to suffer in smaller beds or even without one… Read more

Maru's fascinating tail and Hana

Hana does a crazy, leaping, pouncing dance around Maru’s switching tail. Read more

Kitten and Mom Cat in the morning

A beautiful sun-dappled moment between a mama cat and her kitten. Read more

Who Needs Cat Toys!?

Marmalade the kitten finds fun wherever he goes! Read more

Hungry Kittens

Hungry kitties go bonkers with anticipation at feeding time. Read more

Kitten Loves Water

Peter kitten sure is cute as he moves his water bowl around. He is fascinated with it. Read more

Kaspar and Trillian, snoozing

Awww, the baby has a kitten … or … does a kitten have a baby? Read more

Let me in!

A big kitty and a little dog battle it out in a play-fight from either side of a glass door Read more

Mama Cat and Her Kittens: Cuteness Overload

Total sweetness with a Mama cat and her loving kittens. Read more

Cat Loves Sheep

Cooky the Cat talks back to a cute little toy sheep that makes sheepy sounds. Read more

Wrecking Yarn Ball - Cat Edition!

Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball – Cat Edition… (Cole & Marmalade only play with yarn under supervision). Read more

Cats Love Babies Compilation

Cats show their love and affection to babies in this compilation of video clips. Read more

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