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Chick Burrows Under Cat's Head!

Sidney the chick is looking for a comfortable place to sleep under Oscar the cat’s head! Read more

Cat Hugs Chick

Oscar hugging his good friend Sidney, but neither of them want to let go! Read more

Chick Sleeps Under Cat's Chin

This Chick found Oscar’s chin to be a comfortable place to sleep! Read more

Shorty and the Easter Chick

Shorty plays with the Easter chick while Kodi patiently waits his turn. He moves in for the grab. Will he get his chance? Who will be the Easter Kitty this year? Read more

Chick Nestles Under Cat

A chick sits happily nestled with foster Daddy extraordinare, Oscar the cat. We think Oscar deserves a special tip of the hat this Father’s Day for his incredible gentleness and devotion to “his” chicks. Read more

Chick Tickles Cat's Belly

Oscar loves a tickle from his chicks. Read more

Chick Bosses Cat

This Chick has got Oscar the cat sussed when it comes to snuggling up to his armpit.
Read more

Chick And Cat Have An Argument

Oscar and the Chick have a temporary falling out.
Read more

Cat Babysitting Chicks

Oscar babysits the chicks.

Read more

Cat Protects Chick

Chick Swallowed by Cat's Belly: Oscar Roosts With His Chick

Sleepy Oscar folds the chick into his warmth.
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Baby Chick Irritates Grumpy Cat

The kitty from Baby Chick Falls Asleep on Cat and  Camouflaged Chick is not in the mood for snuggles this time around.
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