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TimmyBob's return home

After two surgeries and a week of indoor recover, TimmyBob was so happy to go home to the Project Bay Cat colony on San Francisco Bay and see his best friends, and they were thrilled to welcome him home! Have a tissue handy – this is a very sweet, very happy video. Read more

Cat Nail Art Tutorial

Learn how to do your own cat nail art using a super easy trick using regular, old scotch tape and nail art tools picked up at the supermarket! Read more

Betty Rose & The Cattoo

Kitties have played a huge role in the life of professional tattoo artist Betty Rose. Learn about The Cattoo – the cat tattoo – through the eyes and ink of Betty Rose and be inspired by her truly creative take on what it is to be a cat lover. Read more

The Joys Of Fostering Rescued Cats & Kittens

With kitten season upon us, many shelters and rescues are in need of foster caregivers for the many little ones who will need our help. Foster volunteer and video creator Doug Brown – with the help of some cute foster kittens and their Mums – shows how your home will be filled with love, mayhem, fun and cuteness overload while you’re saving lives as a foster caregiver. Read more

Maru & Hana and the Stairs

Maru & Hana go up and down the stairs. Read more

10 Reasons to Adopt a Cat!

Cole the Black Cat and Marmalade help Chris Poole with his list of 10 excellent reasons to adopt a cat. Read more

Cat Fishing

A cat on a high perch dangles a feather toy on a fishing wand and bobs the rod for the amusement of him (or her) self and another cat sitting below. Read more

Timo the Ragdoll Cat loves Easter decorations

Timo plays with Easter decorations Read more

Cats and Bunnies: A Love Story

An adorable compilation video shows cats and bunnies loving, playing and being cute together. Read more

How to Have An Easter Egg Hunt For Cats

Cats can enjoy an Easter egg hunt – especially when the plastic eggs are filled with catnip and kitty treats! Chase Holiday shows you how to set up a hunt and her Furball Fables kitties have fun playing with eggs and toys out on their festively decorated catio. Read more

Easter Chicks Sleep With Cats!

Oscar and Rosie sleeping in harmony with the newly born Easter Chicks. Read more

The Cutest Cat: Rigby

Rigby is very inquisitive about another cat who’s looking back at him from a shiny bit of bathroom hardware. Read more

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