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Timo the Ragdoll Cat loves Easter decorations

Timo plays with Easter decorations Read more

Cats and Bunnies: A Love Story

An adorable compilation video shows cats and bunnies loving, playing and being cute together. Read more

How to Have An Easter Egg Hunt For Cats

Cats can enjoy an Easter egg hunt – especially when the plastic eggs are filled with catnip and kitty treats! Chase Holiday shows you how to set up a hunt and her Furball Fables kitties have fun playing with eggs and toys out on their festively decorated catio. Read more

Easter Chicks Sleep With Cats!

Oscar and Rosie sleeping in harmony with the newly born Easter Chicks. Read more

The Cutest Cat: Rigby

Rigby is very inquisitive about another cat who’s looking back at him from a shiny bit of bathroom hardware. Read more

Funny Cats Eating Lollipops Compilation

Cats like to lick lollipops in this cute compilation of video clips. Read more

Schrödinger & Mike

Petdad Mike Manh tells how he rescued a kitten from a mountain highway and how the aptly named Schrödinger became the cat that changed his life. Read more

From Kittens To Adults - Thunder & Monkey Turn 2

Video stars Thunder and Monkey turn 2 this week. A special video looks back at their antics and follows them from little foster kittens to happy housecats. Read more

Kitty Loves Daddy

Kitty loves Daddy, and shows it with a heartwarmingly cute display of affection. Read more

I Don't Want to Wake Up!

Sleepyhead pets just don’t want to get up in this cute “Cats and Dogs Hate Mondays Too Compilation.” Read more

Mother Cat and Kittens Abandoned at Roadside Now Rescued

A passing motorist saw a tiny paw sticking out of a box and rescued an abandoned mama cat and her kittens. The little family is safe and well-cared for now. Read more

5 Signs Your Cat is a Rabbit

Does your cat have fluffy bunny feet? Does he hop around like a spring bunny? Then you may be owned by a “Rabbat” or “Cabbit”…? Half cat, half rabbit, these rare breeds display many rabbit traits but still purr, love to snuggle and sleep all day like cats… Read more

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