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Cat Does Amazing Chair Flip

Ta da! Kitty performs his trick on command, as he does a little flip on a kitchen chair. Read more

Bebe; Kitten born with Manx syndrome

Bebe is a beautiful rescue kitten born with Manx Syndrome. Read more

Tired 4 week old foster kitten meows sweetly while falling asleep

Little foster kitten Uno makes sweet little sounds while nodding off to sleep. Read more

A cat's life

Spot on choice of music and editing make’s this Scottish fold kitty’s day-to-day life seem truly boring and repetitive, but fascinating, nonetheless. Read more

Making a Bed With Cats Around

Cole and Marmalade “help” Dad to make the bed in this cute video. Read more

Cat and Puppy Love

Zulou the cat eventually warmed up to Winston, the family’s new puppy. The pair show their love for one another in this sweet little video. Read more

Nikita and the Spinning Top

Nikita plays with a spinning top. Read more

Affectionate Kitty

A very affectionate kitty shows his petmom some love in this sweet little video. Read more

Cutest Rescue Puppy and Kitten Are Best Friends

Ruggles and Chompers are two tiny friends who have amazing stories. And they couldn’t be more adorable! Read more

Cat loves watching wildlife documentaries on TV

Kitty loves to watch wildlife documentaries on TV. Read more

Curious cat stands up for a better view

Vasilisa the Kurilian Bobtail Cat is very curious about something outside her balcony window and she stands on her hind legs for a better look in this cute video. Read more

Cute 3 week old kitty chooses Dalmatian over Mom

Jennifer Pogue’s little foster kitten Uno eats her little tosies, then snuggles with one of her Dalmatian dog friends instead of Mama kitty, in this cute video. Read more

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