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Firefighters rescue kitten from underground pipe - Photos

Volunteers firefighters snapped several pics of a kitten they rescued from a pipe below ground. Read more

Hilarious photos show neutered cat wondering where his bits have gone

Milo the cat seems to wonder where his missing bits are after his neuter surgery, in a hilarious pair of photos. Read more

Kitten and Owl Are Friends

A kitten and an owl at a Japanese cafe have become friends. Read more

Officer poses with kitten rescued from traffic

A police officer rescued a beautiful kitten thrown into traffic by “insensitive young men” and posed for this cute pic that was posted to Instagram. Read more

Kitty and the new crib

“Pretty sure our cat thinks the crib we put together was for him.” Read more

Bullet is looking brave with his tiger cast and pirate bandana

Bullet is looking like a jaunty pirate after a freak accident that left him with a broken leg. Read more

Cat makes home for kittens in bird's nest

A cat in Ireland gave birth to her kittens in a bird’s nest and decided to keep the nest for her little family. Read more

This beautiful baby girl is Leela! She's had quite the life so far.

Leela the kitten found a caring home after she was born outside and had to have an eye removed due a rupture of unknown cause. Read more

Zero taking care of his brother after the big snip

A caring cat named Zero showed concern for his bro, who had just returned home from his neuter surgery. Read more

A brilliant idea ...

A clever petparent has shared the most brilliant and practical solution to cat related office productivity issues: the desktop cardboard box cat trap! Read more

George Stands and Finds Fame

George gained instant fame after a series of photos of him standing on his hind legs was shared online. Read more

Rademenesa the nurse cat

An amazing set of photos show a Polish cat who survived his own medical ordeal and now comforts pets at the veterinary surgery that helped him. Read more

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